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Our goal here at Stadium House of Rock,  is to make it easy to take a lesson on your schedule. To help our students near and far. Whether you're an existing student and can't make it to your regular lesson, or you're out of town and would still like to learn.

To the remote new student who can't make it to our location. We are here to help you learn your instrument, while still making it fun and educational.

Online Lessons are now available for our students!!! You can now easily access your instructor via your computer from anywhere! 

Your location is no longer a problem.  This program can also be used for missed lessons. Contact us to find out more and schedule your first online lesson!"



Music is not an exact science. It can be total self-expression, eliminating many do’s and don’ts.

The Stadium House of Rock is here to assist musicians share their unique creativeness with the world.


Stadium House of Rock Instructors

Online instructors at Stadium House of Rock are some of the best in the industry and cover many genres of music.

All of our instructors are background checked for their total suitability to the online lesson environment.


How Stadium House of Rock Online Lessons Work

Connecting with the best teacher online is easy, convenient and fun.

All you need is a reliable internet connectiona webcam, and a microphone (Usually built into your computer) and of course your instrument.


Is it comfortable and convenient To learn online?

The answer is, of course it is! The fact is, Stadium House of Rock online students usually continue with their lessons longer than local students. Why? Because it is so convenience and easy.

You can take lessons with any one of our great instructors, anywhere in the country... in the convenience of your own home.


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